Page 37 - CEAP Report Activities 2018
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   Simulated interviews
   pondering the pros and cons of each area, projecting a long term carrier, being capable of combining their talents and aptitudes and, above all, making sense of their trajectory.
In 2018, the fair counted with the participation of Accenture, Beija Flore, Central de Funcionamento, Crowe, Colégio União, DOW, Fisk, Instituto Federal de SP, Instituto Vem Saber, Isa CTEEP, Leroy Merlin and Panasonic.
“The experience of participating the CEAP’s Professions and Carriers Fair is grateful, and I think we gain much more than the adolescents, seeing their interested looks, thinking about the future, gives a lot of hopes and desire to continue working. It shows how much hope we may have in the future and how many interested youngsters in the job market we have.”
Daniela de Campos
Human Resources Manager of Leroy Merlin and Director of the Abelha e Campos Association

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