Page 4 - CEAP Report Activities 2018
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Involving families, engaging teachers, educating honest youngsters. Transforming lives, changing the world. This is the challenge CEAP embraces every day to offer an Education that goes beyond the classroom, with an Education Model that transcends the life of each person.
Offering professional qualification of excellency to thousands of underprivileged youngsters from São Paulo for 33 years, a very important aspect can and should be mentioned: this audacious dream would not be real without the generous collaboration of many people and companies that truly believe in the change of the world, from each person’s formation. First, our special thank you to each one of our friends: collaborators, volunteers, partners, donors, maintainers and everyone who has somehow left their mark in this history.
We know that Education keeps being one of the main pillars of the development of a country. According to the Institute for Applied Economic Research – IPEA, 23% of Brazilian youngsters do not work or study, that is, they have a more limited perspective of their own lives. This possible lack of interest among youngsters is directly related to their parents’ schooling, as shown in the research, that means, the higher the level of instruction of their guardians, the greater is the frequency of the youngsters at school, which in turn is one of the primary factors to the economic participation, since schooling results in a higher rate of youngsters’ insertion in the job market. This situation is worrying as well as challenging since, with a collective view, we can directly contribute to the resolution of this problem. Thus, we renew the commitment made in 1985, when we chose to be a catalyst institution of human development, changing the lives of thousands of families and youngsters.
In broad terms, in 2018 we worked active methodologies to intensify the student’s learning; we offered training in order that families become more and

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