Page 40 - CEAP Report Activities 2018
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Thinking about evaluating the impact, CEAP hired IDIS Research - Institute for the Development of Social Investment – to measure the financial value that returns to society every R$1 invested in the technical courses of CEAP.
Nowadays, many tools allow to value and/or evaluate the impacts and results of a project or organization. At CEAP, the chosen tool was SROI – Social Return on Investment. This is an international methodology developed by an organization called Social Value (
SROI is a protocol of evaluation that measures the social impacts of an initiative, even if they are intangible and subjective. This tool tells the story of how changes are being created by measuring the intensity of social impacts noticed by people who participated in the initiative and estimating monetary values to represent them. This allows that a proportion of costs and benefits is calculated, evidencing a relation of cost-benefit of the evaluated program.
The Institute for the Development of Social Investment (IDIS) was the pioneer in the studies application of SROI in Brazil and accomplished the evaluation of the technical courses of CEAP during 2018. It is important to emphasize that there are several organizations, in many countries, which uses that same tool of impact evaluation.

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