Page 45 - CEAP Report Activities 2018
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In addition to transparency, another acting pillar of CEAP is organization sustainability, which will ensure that the work developed by the institution lasts and reaches many people over time. So, CEAP constitutes its Patrimonial Fund (or Endowment, a better-known term).
The Fund aims to increase the opportunities for students with the will and potential so that they can change their realities and the ones around them through education. The Endowment consists of the creation of a perpetual patrimony, which incomes, above inflation, are used for some purpose or activity. The difference between other forms of philanthropy that involve donations is in the continuity of resources production. In a simple way, the financial resources are raised, applied in the financial market, and the financial return of these applications are used to finance the maintenance of CEAP’s activities annually, without reducing the main equity.
The creation of the fund aims to provide the financial sustainability, the permanence of its projects, autonomy and solidity of the work developed by the organization, being able to generate continuous revenues and provide greater diversification of the institution’s source of resources, allowing a better plan, execution of current activities and the development of new educational projects.

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