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Since 1985, CEAP has been seeking to form and professionally qualify youngsters who are in a situation of high social vulnerability, offering quality technical courses, so that they have access to studies that are inaccessible for a large part of the population and, that way, they can enter the job market.
The Technical Professionalizing Education is based on an educational program in the Administrative, Computer Skills and Computer Network areas to youngsters between the age of 15 and 18, regularly enrolled at the regular school. The three courses offered are recognized by MEC (Ministry of Education in Brazil) and they last four semesters, a total of two years. The classes take place from Monday to Friday, from 02h10 p.m. to 05h50 p.m. As well as the basic program, all the technical courses have reinforcement classes, such as Math, Portuguese, English and Physical Education. After the conclusion of the program, each student receives a diploma, increasing their chances to enter the job market. Nowadays, in up to 3 months, 70% of youngsters newly formed by CEAP enter the market, starting their professional carrier.
Duration: 2 years (4 semesters).
Public: youngsters enrolled in High School.
About the course: The Administrative Course aims the formation of qualified professionals to work in several areas. During the course, the beneficiaries learn subjects about Macro and Microeconomics, General Theories of Administration, Marketing, Mathematical Finance, Accounting, Accounting Routines, among others.
The course offers sound training in the Administrative area, providing a generalist education, enabling the youngster to know the many different paths that the administrative field can offer. During the four semesters, the students participate in many practical activities, such as the Game of Companies, which is based on a simulation of being part of a company in which the youngsters must make decision-based on market data.
The Administrative course also has a specialization in Insurance Market, enabling the beneficiaries to work in this field. The specialization was created in partnership with Liberty Seguros company, which provides all the necessary support so that the youngsters from the Administrative Technician course have the best experience ever. During the school year, the collaborators from Liberty Seguros participate directly in the youngsters’ technical training, providing lectures about daily corporative themes.

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