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       “I studied at CEAP from 12 to 16 years old (2008-2012). What most affected me at CEAP was the importance of living the virtues in all the activities we intend to do, academic, professional, familiar, leisure etc. Besides, the importance of taking friendship seriously, the companionship. Studying ate CEAP changed my life, because
I met teachers and old students who showed me the importance of going to college, that having talent at work is not something exclusively of artists and athletes, but we also use our talents at studies and work. The Administrative Technician course helped me to choose a course at college. Nowadays, what helps me most in my professional carrier is the idea of doing all the activities with appreciation, especially the small things.”
Guilherme Neves
Full Associate at PwC
“I entered at CEAP in 2010, I was a teenager and I did not know what to do or where
to go. Choosing a profession is something personal and delicate. More than the technical course, I have in mentoring the main difference that helped me to know the correct way and if I was doing the right things. So, the Network course was one of the most important things I have ever had, because it was a determinant to define the path of my carrier. After graduating at CEAP, I worked there for about 10 months and in the following year, I enrolled at Mackenzie Presbyterian University, starting an internship in one of the biggest Law offices of the country, DELL, and Microsoft, where I work today. Nowadays, I hold the vertical Sales Executive position of medium and large companies, being part of the talent program of Microsoft Corporation, along with 200 people around the world.”
Cauê Santana
Sales Executive at Microsoft

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