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The technical visit is another recurrent action of CEAP’s corporative volunteering program. The youngsters can visit the office or any other unit of the company. During these visits, there are volunteering collaborators who explain to the students about each department
if it is in the office, and about each process if it is in the factory, etc. This way, the beneficiaries have a very positive experience that combines the practice and the perception of how the corporative environment
is, knowing their procedures, departments, directions and so on.
The objective is to broaden the youngsters’ horizons and strengthen the importance of the content assimilated in the classroom and how to put it in practice so that they know the reality waiting for them and notice that through personal effort and integral development, they can get there.
    “Having the youngsters from CEAP at the company was a remarkable experience for us. During the visit, the type of questions and level of maturity impressed me. I teach in the postgraduation course at one of the best in Brazil, FIA, which means
I have a high standard. People from CEAP made questions with a level of complexity that still surprised me. It is difficult to find people with insight and reasoning like these students. I was in a meeting with the Chancellor of USP and presidents of many companies, and one of the main subjects was what the university can make to help in the development of companies. The executives talked about what CEAP has been doing, and the importance of forming soft skills, such as ethics, the will to do better, the will to learn, forming values and principles that are important for life, and the will and capacity to learn more and more. At Isa CTEEP, our focus is on what the person is and believes. We are very pleased with the renewal of the partnership!”
Rafael Noda
Statutory Director of Isa CTEEP

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