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The technical lecture is one of CEAP’s most recurrent activities of corporative volunteering. Demanding a relatively simple operation and providing a very positive impact, many partnership companies choose this action model. The lecture may be held either at CEAP (classroom, auditorium, which admits 120 people) or the company itself. This way, there is always very positive flexibility at the moment of organizing the activity.
There are two main models of lectures: the technical and the motivational. The technical lecture works as a class model, the volunteering collaborator of the company talks about some specific technical theme, which is always related to the company or the market he is in. The motivational lecture is a conversation about the personal trajectory of the collaborator. As many professionals’ origins are similar to the reality lived by the students, the impact is very positive.
    “I will never forget my first visit to CEAP, I believe it was more than one year ago, when I was extremely impressed by the fact there was a school of this standard, organized, equipped, with content and purpose, graduating so different youngsters in a social unprivileged region of São Paulo city. Last August, I had the opportunity to return there, according to our commitment made on the first visit, to donate on behalf of Panasonic do Brasil company to CEAP and also to make a presentation for the students.
In this presentation, I had the opportunity to talk about Japanese culture, about Panasonic in the world and Brazil. I finished talking about my trajectory of a poor student from the periphery, from public school to my current position, a Human Resources manager of a large multinational. I tried to show that studying it is possible to reach ambitious goals, it depends on each one.
I was extremely impressed and happy by the level of questions that those very young boys made. I have almost 35 years of experience and I confess that some questions made there at the moment that was kind of difficult to answer, by the level of elaboration. They were not only direct questions about some subjects, but they were also questions based on some conclusions they took from my speech. It is very clear that they have different capacity for rationing and analyzing. I would like to congratulate CEAP by the level of citizens it
is graduating, I returned from there very happy, having sure our country has a solution, it can be improved and maybe the education is the only and
main way for that.”
Marcelo Tristão
Human Resources Manager of Panasonic

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