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Job Shadowing is an activity developed in the corporative volunteering program of CEAP and is based on an action in which the youngsters of the technical course spend half a period with a collaborator of a partnership company of CEAP. That way, if it is possible, the youngster helps the professional in his daily tasks. This action intends to offer a different experience to the youngsters, an opportunity for them to know the business environment and, in a way, to live the daily activities performed by the volunteering collaborators.
Throughout the days FeCEAP is promoted (Saturday and Sunday), CEAP counts on technical evaluators who are volunteers of companies that do not only give prestige to the long development of the projects and get knowledge about the several themes but also evaluate the groups that discuss the themes they most identify. The evaluation is done objectively, for this reason, there are pre-established criteria that volunteers must follow, such as creativity, presentation, method, among others.
Before the technical evaluation, there is a small preparation workshop for the volunteers. That way, the evaluators contribute to the formation of youngsters, giving feedback and prestige to the groups. The best-evaluated project during the event receives several awards according to its category.
      “CEAP and its students are amazing! At Dow, we are all impressed with willing to learn and the posture of the students – that is why our volunteers have engaged even more and with more pleasure in the activity. An action like Mirror Student helps these students to have a clearer idea of the carrier and mainly to exchange experiences with professionals already established at the market. Working with CEAP is extremely rewarding because of the integrity of the work and mainly the dedication of each student of the institution.”
Fabio Mendes
Specialist in Public and Government Relations at Dow

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